I guess if I can say one thing about myself, its that I love photography. Some people have asked me if I ever get tired of this. Believe me, there have been things in life that I get tired of. But not this. Not photography.

As a child, my mom wanted me to be an accountant. But those dreams were dashed as I was the first Chinese-American in the history of Island to fail math – twice. Im the type of person who thinks Trigonometry is something you get when you dont cook pork well enough.

Photography isn’t about taking pictures. Its about feeling pictures. You have to know what you want to create before you click the shutter.


Neel is our New York based photographer.

I first met Neel when I was speaking in Atlanta several years ago. I met him there and we’ve been friends ever since.

What attracted me to Neel was his attention to detail in his photography and the unique angles he adds to the wedding.

Because Neel spent many years on his craft before he came to the studio, he adds a different feel which is most welcomed.



Brittany byers Of all the Gene Ho lead photographers – there isn’t another photographer who has worked more weddings with me (Gene Ho) personally.

Before becoming a lead photographer here, Brittany spent the last three years as my first assistant.

She’s worked side by side with me learning my angles while developing her own eye. Brittany has shot weddings from New Orleans to Boston.



Never underestimate career day.

Kim is one of the longtime veterans at Gene Ho Photography.

She has a degree in Digital Arts and I recruited her at her college’s career day.

When I showed up, everyone there was saying, “Gene Ho is here!”

Kim said, “Who’s Gene Ho?”




As one of the longest standing Gene Ho staff photographers, Nadean has developed quite a following.

When I say my photographers are the best of the best I mean it.

Last year, I competed with Nadean to book a wedding in Paris, she won. The bride chose her.

There aren’t too many photographers that can say they needed a passport to do a wedding Nadean can.